She hides

I see these men hiding
behind their implications
where the flow of their conversations
becomes exhibited
in a world that’s prohibited
from living uninhibitedly.
And as these friendships decay
those lovers turn desire
into something different.
Leaving blisters and bruises
beneath forced smiles
that’ll only obey
what will one day betray.
She’s being kept
just to be kept aside
and as her memories
devour her dreams
her soul becomes a house
full of stairways
and doorways
that only lead into darker rooms
where the fumes
are collecting
from the bottles she’s collected over time.
This is where she hides.
She hides because what’s shown
has become unknown
and that flawless pride’s
no longer outside
for us to see.
Because he takes only what he wants
through his offensive defences
where he keeps her on the side
between holding on and letting go
and he lets her love become a tragedy
where she’s affected
by what’s infected him,
that dissected search
to connect with
a perfect body,
that disinfected, uninspected,
yet still respected
kind of girl he wishes he could be with.
And she hides from this,
she hides from despising
that form he’s idolizing
because she’s tired of disguising
these thoughts.
Where vocalising
means articulating
in a world where
there are no words
for what’s already known
and no other way
for these things to be shown
as broken hearts
get filled with tears
and her fingertips
now only reach
for what might cut , or at least
leave a more lasting mark.
She’s hiding
from confiding
in someone who isn’t listening anyway
and as her eyes stop glistening
that twinkle of innocence
gets stomped and ground
into the noises of nothingness.
That beautiful background
that swallows hopes
and the ability to cope
until all that’s left
is what she’s hiding from
and a tiny picture of her smiling.


About Sean O'Gorman

Spoken Word poet from Ottawa. View all posts by Sean O'Gorman

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