Time vs Love

I was still awake when the sunlight came back,
broken though it was
when it crashed through the rails of my front porch
and lit up against the shattered wine glass
I dropped the night before.
It’s 8am
and I still feel drunk,
waiting for it to turn on me
the way I turned on you
and pull me into the fate of the lonely.
Where I can only conspire against myself
and all the rules are raked into a single room.
The kind of room
that’s never known a bed, or beauty on its walls
where even the window wont hold back the fall
where hiding
is easy when love is so far away
and timing means breaking
all the rules we’ve already made.
But right now
I just want to know what to do,
I want to go through these thoughts
as if yours were a diamond,
smothered by all the grains of sand that make me who I am.
I want to find you beside me
like something residing in me
that only your voice can wake up
taking me with you to all the places
still making sense of themselves
where the hours never die off in minutes
and the seconds only the fell between the times
that we actually got to see each other.


About Sean O'Gorman

Spoken Word poet from Ottawa. View all posts by Sean O'Gorman

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