Monthly Archives: June 2012

She smiles

She smiles
with a pudgy face
and her skin’s
cut through my thoughts.
She’s a talker
when words are needed
and when they spit,
those drops of truth
hit my face
and the floor and
I never know
just how to reply.

Flowing into spot

We awaken in distress,
all rushing into something more
and expecting something back.
This is the way
we hope and dream,
the slight-of-hand
and misdirection
and knots
that seem impossible
to untie.

Slow distance

There’s these things
that we’re all
just bound to do.
Common reflexes
that scar the people watching
and harmful words
when the meaning
is what hits first.
Nothing can describe
those awful looks we get,
we see it as being truth,
seen without blinking
while tears
stay balanced
until I turn my head
and so suddenly
feel the need
to run away.

me trying to do a poem drunk

Someone kept

Here’s just the way I feel,
a pile on the couch
that’s sat through worse
and all the while
I’m still going,
waiting for another breakdown
to knock me
towards something real.
It was just tonight
that I made her walk away,
tried to make her see,
or at least
maybe understand
to the point
where she might stay awhile
and we can drink,
or talk,
or both.
Until one of us laughs
and the other just smiles
a shy smile.

Unknown crowds

If we suppose
just a little
and offer up something else
I still don’t think they’d care.
Just maybe stop
and open a smile
before turning again
to walk,
walk until I cant see
through the overlapping streets
and all the other people
who’re somehow
each all still
hanging on.


Of all those things
that take us,
admiration focus’s
and allows us
to either attempt,
or admire.
Live on either side
and still consume those attributes
that can fill our hearts
with even
the smallest dose.
Reminding us
that people can be kind
and not feel that broken need
to posses
the things we want.