Now who knows?

Now I know,
that I know…

That we’re a race of reciprocity
and we act like
it’s for the good.
We act this way
like we cant be seen
doing what we feel we should.

We live off mistakes
while blisters grow
over things that were there before,
like simple starts
that spin away
when there’s nothing to reach for.

Now you know,
that you know…

That I get tired
going through these days
and times that cross me out.
Those pieces of me
that’ve split to the ground
and have caused me now to shout.

Scream about things
that don’t really matter
where you watch like I was there,
this troubled body
with a broken spirit
who’s constantly unaware.

Now you know,
that I know…

I’ve seen you here before
and stealing hearts
like they were nothing to the rest.
Time stopped us there
and took what’s ours,
once torn right from our chests.
It’s like the pain in madness
that hardens a crust
and looks better as it forms.
It longs to stay
and stain our hearts
and hover like a storm.

Now I know,
that you know…

I didn’t mean those things
I said out-loud
and ended what we had,
cause there are tears from this
that just keep falling
and keeps me feeling sad.

But what can be taken
when it’s taken back
and all that’s left are looks?
Looks that shoulder
while looking away,
like I were some evil kind of crook.

Now we know,
that we know…

From here there’s no return.
There’s nothing more when passing by
but the scent of forgotten things.
Those different things
that mix together
and brakes my will to sing,

or just find a way
to clear frustrations
and give way to another chance.
Some focused hope
where we’re both still there
and we both still want to dance.

But it’s just getting even
with everyone else
for the things that’ve kept out feelings,
those reasons that grip
off the tips of our tongues
and cover our true meanings.

About Sean O'Gorman

Spoken Word poet from Ottawa. View all posts by Sean O'Gorman

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