I feel a pressure
when you feel concerned,
like it might be returned
and otherwise learned
that you cant believe me.
Believe these actions
in reaction to you
and how I feel
when you steal those looks
and I hear your smile
over phones and distance,
but I think you
question me
and my chosen friends
and that I might just pretend
to like you this much.
I’m just reaching out
for the way it’s turning out
and I’m just as blind
as you are.
Keeping an eye
on the kind
who know how to smile first
and satisfy their thirsts.
You see,
in many ways
we’ve both been chewed
and with some help
have been renewed
only to see the changes
in ourselves
that range past years
or fears
where the tears
could’ve filled nearly everything.
And we’re sometimes occupied
with being pre-occupied
while time’s magnified
for hidden meanings
that could rectify
our first assumptions.
Where it’s easier
away from trust
and those things we must do
for ourselves
and each other
just to support
that moment of comfort
and all those decisions
that might come with it.

About Sean O'Gorman

Spoken Word poet from Ottawa. View all posts by Sean O'Gorman

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