Used words

I felt anger that day
where it still broke through
and your words then ricocheted.
They were all around
through the rest that lived
and everything they’ve said.

There are problems with our language,
ones that sometimes stipulate.
Both standing on
and floating along
to where we often congregate.

Forming words to make a thought
that may lead to something clear
and looking for meaning behind such things
that are known to be severe.

It’s the final touch
that breaks the ice,
but it hides in rhetoric
where those who still look you in the eye
are just doing it to make you sick.

Our intentions have become
the things at stake
among other forms of thought.
Other ways
we say these things
to describe what it is we’ve got.

That description of what’s going on,
one that hints of a certain vanity
and through such words
we justify release
and drowned in ambiguity.

There are functions
to the way we speak
and we analyze what we hear.
We place value in these different things
if they last throughout the years.

There’s describing things
that have happened,
or directing something next.
We might interrogate
to find out more
cause we often get perplexed.

Emoting feelings
and evoking action
to evaluate their reactions,
then persuade someone
to perform a little
and feed off those distractions.

But it’s also how we say
the things we think
while wandering through our days,
smashing into
so many things
only meant to be on display.

When it comes to knowledge
it’s the way you learn
that’s like an antidote,
but even that cant cure the empty pockets
of those who’re living broke.

Because splinters come
from everything
even people you don’t know.
They’re barely felt
until what’s done is done
and they’ve already begun to grow.

What else but words
could do so much
in the mouths of the confident.
They can build things up,
or brake them down,
or make them seem opulent.

So when you’re thinking
just what you might say,
no matter what they’ll bring,
think them through
and choose them right,
because these words can mean anything.


About Sean O'Gorman

Spoken Word poet from Ottawa. View all posts by Sean O'Gorman

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