Monthly Archives: July 2012


I’m drifting into something stranger,

something still trying to trick me

and although I’m tempted,

although I feel clean enough

I still cant figure out a way to break the ice

a way to cut through enough air,

so that I might distance myself from from angry eyes

and let her see me the way I picture it in my head.


Time’s still
on my bad side,
controlling me with speed
and flashes,
like there’s water in my hands.
The whole damn thing
is what slips when you ask.
Falls through
when we split ourselves
into such different sides,
when our lovers cry
and it’s this friendship
that’s the source
of what shakes things
when we meet.

When the listeners show up to chat.

We should
let us be ourselves
and scream
when the time is right.
Hear our own voices
when the listeners
show up to chat
and the last days
of our holidays
are already
being remembered.
You’re all laughing
on the inside
and I can see it
from this far back,
those pretty smiles
and gentle eyes
all glowing
in the haze of a smokeless room.