Monthly Archives: September 2013

Uncontrolled Growth

I believe that there’s an answer,

some kind of reply

that might make sense

out of logistical thinking,

explaining the thread that ties

and the accusations

that spread like mould.

Between highs and lows

I will not beg for my life
in the way I hope for someone elses,
there is only the connection
between right and wrong
that will constantly be at war,
funded by those
who own islands
and run continents into the ground.
the only truth in life
is found
between the trees and sea levels,
found where the dirt
stains our feet
and where our hands
can only hope to build something more.

When they’re heard, but not seen.

The assholes downstairs are loud
and they fight and laugh
with the same tone of voice,
the same volume
that most leave behind for car accidents.

What my body speaks

I cant help but wonder

where the shakes come from

like when my hands try to hold cups

and tell me more

when I drop them.

Maybe I’m getting worse,

or it might be something more,

either way

I’m distancing myself

from myself

and all I have to show for it

is the reason

that nobody knows.

Quiet and almost alone

I love it out here at night,

the sounds silence themselves

until only the animals and insects

are sacrificed

to the hunger of my ears.

Getting there is no longer needed

Web cam views into a whole other world

my friend speaks to the microphone

and looks at the lens

while I in turn do the exact same thing.

We’re just sharing stories

through magic windows

that’ve evolved into something

that allows only distance

and gives back

our ability to save time

to do what eventually

will waste it again.

Backtracking Illusions

I don’t make plans anymore, I make mistakes,

because the chips only seem to fall

during a hurricane

and finding that spot where I left off

left me cursing my own footprints,

those size 10 indents

that caught just enough mud and water

to finally disappear.