Monthly Archives: October 2013

learning lessons

I find myself willing to do anything,
any kind of action
that might bring about a boiling point,
or at least teach me
how to balance on a peak,
something to prepare me
for this life
that looks so much like a wilderness,
a place caught between shadows
and rainbows
where everyone
seems to be hiding from something
and the only things left to be found
are now so lost
they’ve grown tired of waiting
and have disintegrated
into a substance
known only by the wind

The Ripples of Smiles

I’ve entered the land of laugh lines
where walking down hill
is only easier until you fall
and the only waves you get anymore
are the ones that have already
broken against the rocks.

Certain Scars

The way we said goodbye
sounded so different this time,
the tone of my own voice
came with me as I left,
carrying itself between
the back of my mind
and the tip of my tongue
where every step I took
only took me further away
from our restless nights
where our bacon mornings promised us
that one day we’d grow fat together,
as if on purpose,
like our tired driveway bodies
would one day become stretch mark highways
that could always bring us back home.

Flakes of Concrete

The rain here falls angry,
like it might crack
the pavement
where so many heavy footed runners
have already
left it chipped.

Too Close To See

I’m close to finding out what’s left,
like I’m knowing
that something is coming to mind
like a forgotten memory
teetering on the edge of my thoughts
hanging from an eyelash,
so close
it’s out of focus.

The Plunge

I feel like the drowning man
with my last breath
bubbling out of my mouth,
hating myself for this last
fatal mistake.

Poorly Placed

I’ve got only myself to blame,
just the shell
of the man I think I am
standing from a seated position
and wishing on falling stars,
like something great might peak through
and see me hiding these
broken things
behind my back,
like I were capable
of one last illusion.