Monthly Archives: December 2013

It’s not only questions that need to be answered, sometimes our answers need to be directed towards statements as well.

The only thing I like about being a smoker is when I flick my cigarette out the car window while driving at night and i get to see it explode in the rearview mirror.

You said my name in such a way
that it kept me from understanding it
off any other tongue.

Unknown Smiles

no one else will be around
when it comes to feeling the same way,
all we’ll really have
are the passing glances of strangers
that tether us to the ground
and keep us from drifting away.

Slipping Through

I’m afraid of so many things,
I’m scared of the way I think,
like the way I view myself
knowing myself
in ways that frighten me into daydreams
where nightmares
tweak the gears of thoughts
and split the atoms that make me whole,
now somewhere lost in vibration
and slipping between the cracks