Monthly Archives: March 2014

Softer Voices

It all comes down to the voice,
that one moment
when the tones come clear,
the names we go by
and silently keeping
all those secrets
that we only tell ourselves
in our dreams at night.

Mind Set

We all have our secrets,
those misguided hopes
that nobody will catch on to,
nobody will learn our methods
and along these ways of thought
we will all become
the nightmare,
our own tortured selves.

Falling off the fast track

I want so many things
that I tend to lose track,
I forget
where it was I started
and the real side of me
shows its face
and does nothing
but frighten
all the people passing by.


We taste it

when they speak,

like there were more than sound waves

leaving lips,

like forgotten thoughts.

I’m still alone while I listen

and while sadness

brings my eyes to spit

the only thing left for me to do

is call out for help.