Monthly Archives: April 2014



I search for the trust I can get

before finding the trust I can give.

Always hearing secrets

with double meanings

and never taking note

of the confessions at my door.



I don’t know why I’m happier

away from home than in it,

because the troubles I have

are always following me around

and every

borderline shelter I can find

only protects me

until I realize

that my baggage

will always be rolling on tiny wheels

behind me as I walk.



Sometimes after change

I still feel no different than before,

just the leftover remains

drying in the sun

like leaves waiting to crack,

split into unknown powders.

We share these moments

like unhappy endings,

this is where we tell each other lies,

where the tests we take

are only there to judge us,

to remind us

that someone wants us out,

someone wants us to lose

almost as much

as someone else wants us to win.  

I found myself at the bottom of a bottle, broken at the base of the stairs and dancing on broken glass.


My eyes can only see so far

and in the burden of distance

all I really have

are these interpretations.


Any time your name comes to mind

I always hear

the same song in my head.

It twists my memories

into something more obscure

and as your name

cuts itself into me

I feel more like a witness,

someone taking notes

just so they remember the only person

they’ve ever known.


There’s something about

the space between buildings

that lets us forget,

it lets us walk past it like a graveyard

where garbage meets discarded people

and dumpsters hold more than we’re willing to say.