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At the base of distance,
leaning into the membrane
an edge waits,
it preys on the hesitant,
to swallow their flames
the tongues
lapping up the air like wild dogs
in orange and blue light.
When I feel like giving up,
my reasons to breathe hide,
like deleted scenes,
forgotten memories,
and the broken plans
for far away days.


It seemed like a good idea at the time,

but time changes the ideas

the way progression changes

what was always thought of as facts.

The Only Flow

He tells me this will change,
these open days
that feel like empty nights
will one day split in half
and the sound alone
will create new music,
the kind that ears
that were never meant to hear
and in the wake of my own madness
all that I’ll have left
is my ability to change
and my willingness to adapt.

In The Blink

I think I remind you of someone, but for me

it’s like I’m meeting you for the first time.

I think this poem is going to be about how selfish I am,

because I cant seem to understand

where all the parts go

and every time I feel like I know some answer

the truth stabs me in the eye…

my favourite eye

and what leaks out isn’t blood, or tears

it’s just one more thing I try catching in my hands

like the game had already started

with changing rules

and I know I’m already being watched

by those whose eyes look so much better than mine.

Truth in stitches

We give each other grammar lessons
and drift through conversations like they were made of smoke
that floats into the rooms that always seem so empty.
I feel like I need to get up, although I know I’m already standing
where I thought they would be landing and
I wanted to hear tires sanding down the runways
like knuckles grazing our concrete walls.
Your voice drops hints into notes
fully touching the traces left as messages
like a film on a stained glass window.
I haven’t been myself in a long time,
I haven’t been that side that slides
like in the pictures you used to take
when we were always together.
like it were a more of an amount of time
and not just the days that we had,
still blistering facts
like heart poems
left to know only
the meaning of change and Skype orgasms.