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The Key

We only look for meaning
where we hope to find it,
letting too much slip past
when we close out eyes to focus.
We always want it to be where we left it,
or where we always thought it’d be,
but more times than not,
looking opposes seeing
when finding
is forever locked
in the last place
we would ever look.

The Dark Corner


I just like being dirty

I like the way I feel when people don’t even want to look at me,

but I still hate the way they look at me,

so sometimes

I only go out at night.

My Mouth

She asked me if I thought she looked fat

and slapped me when I told her she wasn’t fat enough.

I think I have a fat mouth.

In The Blink

I think I remind you of someone, but for me

it’s like I’m meeting you for the first time.

I think this poem is going to be about how selfish I am,

because I cant seem to understand

where all the parts go

and every time I feel like I know some answer

the truth stabs me in the eye…

my favourite eye

and what leaks out isn’t blood, or tears

it’s just one more thing I try catching in my hands

like the game had already started

with changing rules

and I know I’m already being watched

by those whose eyes look so much better than mine.

Once known

I want you to know,

that I was the one who turned the leaves different colors for you,

because I wanted to give you a rainbow in the trees.

There was a time in my life

when I had given up everything for you

and it’s now a time that I still cant get away from.

I look at my watch

like it belonged to someone else

and in the blink of an eye,

these years have shattered

and these fingers have splattered blood drops

just trying to pick up the shards

long enough for me to remember.

You haunt me, even under the brightest lights,

in the rooms without shadows,

or noises from the mouth-breathers.

You haunt every thought I have

and I feel like I’ve died for you already

because my mind

has a death grip

on the memory of us together.

So I want you to know

that I was up all night

carving out the snowflakes for this winter,

making sure they were all small enough

so that billions of them could land without waking you up.


I know we don’t remember things the same way,

but in my mind,

it was my refusal to back down

that stabbed me in the back

and the noose around my neck gave only just enough slack

so that I could stand on my toes,

but I could never be the ballerina long enough

to keep myself from choking

on all the ticket stubs, pictures and first date gum wrappers

that I still keep in the drawer I never open.

I want you to know

that I know

that this depression in what pushed you away

and i made you do the one thing you were too afraid to say.

I made you leave me.

So I left you a trail of clouds

so that you could find me one day,

somewhere between the lightning and the thunder,

but i always kept myself somewhere beneath the rain,

somewhere behind the wind.


I want you to know

that I know

that you know

that…this can go on forever, but

when you thought I was sleeping

I had kept one eye open

watching you poke holes in the sky to give me the stars.

Maybe I just want you to know

that i still think of you

and our first night sober

when you looked me in the eye

and pulled out the blue ribbon of my secrets

and used it to tie our hands together,

maybe that`s what connected us,

this love.

The kind of love that was never meant to be chained,

but was never meant to be set free.

The way they look

Quiet consumption’s
while the restless misbehave
and land us all
in a little trouble.
I’m growing
weaker by the day,
looking in the mirror
for something
that’s never been there,
only seeing
who was once
a crying child
and now
I’ll never know.
I’ll never have
what’s in so many others,
or feel
that longing desire
that only comes
from the way we scream.